Sun City Anthem Membership Information

Sun City Anthem is not known as one of the top 10 prestigious age restricted communities in the United States for no reason. More than 12,500 of Sun City Anthem home owners make Sun City Anthem in Henderson their home. Sun City Anthem consists of 7,150  age restricted, single story modern homes, many that are located on one of the community’s two golf courses: The Lexington and the Concord.

Sun City Anthem residents all have access to three recreational centers when they become a home owner in the Sun City Anthem community. The Clubs all include a variety of activities and features including: indoor pools, outdoor pools, an indoor track, state of the art fitness centers, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, two challenging golf courses, meeting rooms, libraries, computer labs, and an on-site restaurant.

The Sun City Anthem Clubs also feature a variety of chartered clubs and groups that provide Sun City Anthem homeowners with the opportunity to learn new skills, advance educational goals and partake in their current hobbies.

Sun City Anthem also has its own TV station, that produces and directs their  own private programming that is aired daily and produced weekly. The Spirit is the Sun City Anthem monthly magazine and newsletter that keeps all club members up to date with the latest community goings on. All of this in a safe and secure age restricted master planned community.

Sun City Anthem Clubs

The Clubs at Sun City Anthem are the center of the Sun City Anthem community’s recreational, athletic and cultural programs. The clubs of Sun City Anthem accommodate a variety of interests and are listed below.

Anthem Center

Anthem Center is the largest and most established of the three recreational centers,. Anthem Center stands at an impressive 77,000 square feet and has a spectacular view of the Revere golf course and the Las Vegas Strip. The community features all major amenities listed above as well as an in house restaurant and the Serenity at Anthem day spa.

Independence Center

Independence Center is a robust 31,000-square-feet and is home tothe impressive 300-seat Freedom Hall.  Freedom Hall is the theater room where residents can view local plays and shows that normally travel to the area. Sun City Anthem residents also have the ability to rent out the theater for their own events.

Group athletic, exercise and dance classes are offered at Independence Center as well as billiards, ping pong, arts, crafts, and a modern woodworking shop.

Liberty Center

Liberty Center at Sun City Anthem is the newest and most modern facility. Liberty Center is  22,000 square feet in size and is home to the following; an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, fitness facilities, and meeting rooms. One of the architectural features of Liberty Center is the certified green building design that helps to conserve energy energy through efficient products and services.

Serenity at Anthem Day Spa

Serenity at Anthem Day Spa is the official in house spa and relaxation center for the residents of Sun City Anthem. Located inside Anthem Center, the spa is staffed by three professional and certified massage therapists. Serenity at Anthem Day Spa offers a variety of services and products for the residents of Sun City Anthem.