Finding a Buyer for Your Anthem Home

It is true that the only constant in life (and Anthem Real Estate) is change.

There are Anthem real estate buyers markets, sellers markets, and balanced markets. And, of course its current market affects the sale of any Anthem property. It takes a disciplined and dynamic strategy to know what it will take to sell an Anthem home at any point in time. We, at, are constantly honing our formula for a successful sale, spending countless hours and generous resources to the following:

1)      Maintaining an acute understanding of the Anthem real estate market’s behavior, examining data on a daily basis, to ensure that you receive the most accurate of expectations.

2)      Compiling and analyzing the commentary of our Anthem real estate buyers – preferences, trends, and expectations – so that we can tell you precisely what today’s buyers need, want, and expect in a property.

3)      Researching the best ways to reach Anthem real estate buyers. When selling your Anthem property, it is crucial to show your home to as many qualified Anthem real estate buyers as possible. We stay on top of the advances in technology and buyer behavior so that your Anthem property is seen by the maximum number of qualified Anthem real estate buyers at any given time.

We are never comfortable.

Sure, a little comfort would be nice. But, it doesn’t help us stay ahead of the curve in selling Anthem real estate. We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the tools used by our company and our agents, to make sure that money and time (which is also money) are not wasted. Many agents are still using practices that were effective 5, 10, or even more years ago. And, while some still add value, the fact is that many do not. We would rather focus our efforts on those activities that get properties sold. Further, our list of marketing tools is never etched in stone, so that you are not selling your Anthem home in 2010 the way that you would have in 2004.

We live – er, list – to sell.

Many real estate agents are interested in selling your Anthem house for all the wrong reasons. Bottom line, some just want to accumulate a wide portfolio of Anthem homes for sale in order to get more listings. You’ve seen their signs in front of the nicest Anthem homes for sale in your neighborhood. They have a velvet-smooth presentation with beautiful photos and glossy brochures from the many Anthem homes they’ve listed in luxury price brackets. And, they have an extensive client list, to boot. Be sure to ask them how many Anthem homes they’ve sold in Anthem in recent months. You also should know how many of those sales were secured by their buyers. And, in how many other neighborhoods do they market themselves as “experts?”

When you contact about offering your Anthem home for sale, you can be confident that we will take the job very seriously. We are not focused on getting two or three new listings from your neighbors after they see the sign in your front yard. We love a handsome brochure and collateral set, but know that it takes a lot more than parchment paper to sell a house.

You must differentiate. We do.

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