The Anthem Realty Difference

Why Choose the Anthem Realty Real Estate Experts of to Sell Your Anthem Home?

1)      Anthem Realty Experts: Location, Location, Location!

  • was designed – painstakingly – by Anthem realty experts specifically to sell the community of Anthem. Our Anthem realty experts and website give a prospective buyer all the information about your home’s desirable location so that it actually helps to sell your home. That way, when a buyer from requests to see your home, they already know and approve of your home’s neighborhood. This means to you that every showing has been pre-qualified for readiness, willingness, and ability, and gives your home a much higher likelihood of selling with fewer showings and/or faster.
  • Can you put a value on showcasing your home to thousands of people who have already decided they would like to live in Anthem? is the most accurate and efficient way to get Anthem realty home buyers actively looking for homes in the community of Anthem to see your home, bar none!

2)      It Is Our Job To Make Sure We Know The Anthem Realty Market And Area Better Than Any Other Anthem Realty Organization.

  • You would not select an optometrist to perform open-heart surgery, would you? The same rules apply in Real Estate. Select an Anthem realty expert who is educated and has extensive experience working directly in your community. Our Anthem real estate experts work and play in Anthem every day, and know that only current, applicable, reliable data will help you sell your home. When you have better data at the time you list your home, your expectations will be more accurate about when your home will sell, the price at which it will sell, and any extenuating factors that will impact the sale of your home.

3)      Anthem Realty Experts: We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is.

  • We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on designing an Anthem realty and lifestyle web site that actively works for our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Approximately 85% of all home buyers begin their Anthem realty home search on the internet. You should want buyers to get the best first impression possible.’s Anthem realty agents have strict policies that ensure buyers see your home in only the best of light – whether they are searching from Green Valley or Greensboro.
  • We have a strategic marketing budget that allocates thousands of dollars on a regular basis to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage over other Anthem realty and other real estate agents and agencies in the area. Our Anthem realty experts strive to be the top real estate firm in the Anthem area. This requires diligent agents, exceptional technology, and ample financial means.
  • We actively market using the following forums:

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Direct-Response Display Ads




Brand Display Ads


4)      We Have Buyers. Any Anthem Realty Agent Can Say It; We Can Prove It.

  • is the leading Anthem realty experts and area real estate team with the primary goal to serve the needs of buyers. By extension, this directly affects the ability of today’s Anthem home seller to be able to expose his/her home to ready, able, and willing buyers.
  • Our Anthem realty buyers want to buy homes in Anthem. We don’t spend time and money marketing to buyers who want to live in North Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Silverado Ranch. This means that every marketing dollar we spend goes to acquiring qualified Anthem buyers for your Anthem realty and sales needs.

5)      Value & Flexibility.

  • Our Anthem realty experts primary goal (and obligation) is to make sure the sale of your home leaves you the absolute maximum about of money possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Through our disciplined, time-tested approach, our sellers save thousands of dollars and countless hours.
  • To accommodate the various budgets at our sellers’ disposals, we offer a variety of Anthem realty experts seller packages from which to choose. Depending upon your unique priority of goals for the sale of your home, you will have the ability to select the best package for you.

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