Anthem FAQs

Anthem FAQs

We have organized a lineup of some amazing topics and material with information (some crucial and some just plain fun) that will help with various questions like:

  • What’s it like to live in Anthem?
  • Where will I find the perfect home for myself and my family in Anthem?
  • What are some of the fun activities available in/near Anthem?
  • I live in Anthem now. How can I get more involved with my community?
  • How convenient is living in Anthem, compared to other communities in/around Las Vegas?
  • What are the differences when living in an HOA-managed community such as Anthem?
  • And much, much more!

Truth be told, we could write for days on-end about life in Anthem, Henderson, Nevada. But, we want to answer your questions, and offer information that you find relevant. So, please comment with your suggestions for content, and help us to structure our site (and this blog) to meet your needs. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Comments (3)

  1. Kathy says:

    Great pictures of my community! After living in Solera for 7 years, I appreciate the information on this website that is helpful to not only those thinking of living here, but those of us who live here. I love the serenity of living in an adult community with all the amenities readily available.

  2. Emily Reydone says:

    My husband and I will be moving our family from Dallas to Henderson in the middle of 2011 since he’s being transfered. We have heard good things about Anthem from his will-be co-workers. I am most interested in school info (we have 3 kids all under 14) and activities for them since they’ll need to make all new friends. Do you have any info on those things? Also, we have a boat that we would like to bring. How far is Lake Meade from this area? Thanks.


  3. Tucson Real Estate says:

    Nevada is an amazing State. It has everything desert. I will one day end up enjoying my life there.

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