Winter in Anthem?

Well, technically not…yet. Winter officially begins on December 21st, two and a half weeks from today. But don’t tell that to Mother Nature! In Anthem, we are typically spoiled throughout fall, with low humidity, infrequent rain, plenty of sunshine, and 70- to 80-degree highs. But, as my memory filters through my 30+ years of experience in southern Nevada, this rarely lasts up to (let alone, past!) Thanksgiving. And yet, the high on Sunday was 72 degrees! Do not misunderstand; We are N-O-T complaining! In fact, we’re in Heaven about it. After all, it’s quite rare to be able to go to the park in a tee shirt and jeans in December. But, we Anthem-ians will take every last bit of it.


Now, the festive pyracantha throughout Anthem have a different opinion. One of our favorite signs of winter is the profuse bloom of fire-engine berries throughout the neighborhoods of Anthem every late-November / early-December. The lush, waxy evergreen shrub that flowers every spring actually produces these beautiful scarlet clusters. And due to their resemblance to holly berries, we’ve always started hearing Silver Bells when they begin to bloom throughout our Anthem community. And, despite our unseasonably warm days and nights of recent weeks, we noticed our beloved red berries springing up everywhere over the past week or so. They are just so gorgeous, we had to stop and take some photos the other day. Enjoy!


Christmas Berries in Anthem
Pyracantha in Bloom throughout Anthem
Holly Berries in Anthem