Happy 1st Day of Fall in Anthem!


Break out the pumpkin spice candles…the hot apple cider…the adorable boots and coats…It's FALL!!


But don't tell that to our local meteorologists!


With a high temp of 97° F today, it still feels like the latter weeks of Summer. And while 97° F is misrable in some parts of the world, we are blessed to have a balmy feel in Anthem. Accoring to Weather (dot) com, our current temp is 95° F, but only feels like 90° F. We'll take it! And, even better news, it looks like we've bid farewell to our triple-digit temps until next June. So, you can bet we'll be enjoying this weather while we can…and will be missing it in only a few months. You might see us out playing tennis at the Anthem Country Clubhouse, or walking our dogs through the miles of natural trails in Anthem, or at local farmer's markets on Thursday nights and Friday mornings to pick up some fresh grub. Hope to see you there!


Weather in Anthem - Happy Fall

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