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This web site, NevadaAnthem.com (referred to as “the Site”), is a privately-owned web site built and maintained both by and for current and potential residents of the Anthem community located in Henderson, Nevada. The Site was purposefully constructed to offer visitors a digital representation of lifestyle options in the community of Anthem. Further, the Site aims to connect current Anthem residents with one another and with businesses who operate within or near Anthem.

NevadaAnthem.com and its employees, contractors, and affiliates are not employed by any home builder / developer. In addition, no business relationship exists between NevadaAnthem.com (and its employees, contractors, and affiliates) and any home builder / developer other than that of a cooperative broker commission (“co-op”) that may be lawfully paid by a home builder / developer to a real estate broker for procurement of a real estate sale. NevadaAnthem.com (and its employees, contractors, and affiliates) is in no way endorsed by, affiliated with, nor recommended by home builders / developers in and around the Anthem community including, but not limited to: (commonly known as) Pulte Homes, Del Webb Homes, KB Home, Pardee Homes, Lennar/US Homes, Richmond American Homes, and DR Horton.

NevadaAnthem.com responsibly participates in the fair use of registered trademarks such as “Sun City” and “Solera” that are owned by separate corporations for the sole purpose of identifying the physical names of residential neighborhoods within the Anthem community. NevadaAnthem.com in no way attempts to represent such trademarks, and does not profit from their use.

We appreciate patronage to our Site, and strive to maintain a positive professional relationship with other companies and organizations within and outside of the Anthem community. To learn more about our real estate brokerage, visit the About Elysien Real Property page of this Site. For questions or comments regarding the Site’s lawful practices, or to inquire about NevadaAnthem.com’s owned intellectual property rights, you may Contact Us.